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La Maison sans Escaliers (The Stairless House)

Built in 1939, this housing unit does not possess a lift or stairs, but a slightly sloping helicoidal gradient. This stairless house has a twin building on the adjacent street number: both consist of 36 apartments over six floors.

The stairless house ! The house of tomorrow. Why ?

Stairs are a barbaric way of  climbing floors. Stair steps force the same pace on all: on children and elders alike, on the ill and on the healthy.

With our tilted rising arcade, everyone walks a step which pleases them, long or short, fast or slow, just as one would walk on a sidewalk. […]

    — Auguste Bossu, Architect

Saint-Étienne, France - August 2014




concrete can be elegantly raw…

House M by Estudio Aire [(]


Double House + Gallery

Residences for an Art Curator and Artist, with a gallery at the street frontage and shared public/private spaces. 

The project for me was defined by Solids and Voids and the flipping between public and private space through walls sliding along tracks that turn solids to voids and vice versa. 


House of Writer .- Frpo Rodriguez & Oriol Architecture Landscape

It’s that time of year again… To all the students, I hope the school year starts out wonderfully for you!

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love love love new school supplies, the orientations, and the promise of a new year of education. It’s a bit silly, but I feel like school/education is one of the only things that is expressly for yourself and your personal development. Education is such a beautiful thing.

Even if your schooling isn’t architecture-related, I still wish you all the best. :) And to everyone that’s not in school, happy August!

Student Work

I don’t mean to put this student on blast, but this is a great example of an online portfolio through Behance. I found him through Tumblr surfing, and can’t figure out a way to contact him directly. :(

His models are great, and so is his process work.
I hope it was okay to reblog from you. If not, I can take it down immediately.
I hope your studies are going well! :D